Upahar' restaurant, at the mezzanine floor, will delight your palate as we serve you the most exquisite Indian / Chinese / Pakistani / Continental / Oriental / Arabic cuisines.

“UPAHAR”, the multi-cuisine, 100-seat restaurant owns the place of pride at Gulf Horizon Hotel, Qatar. We offer an array of treats that are as unique as their ambiance and decor. Indulge in lip-smacking delicious multi-cuisine which gives you great home-like atmosphere and along with an extensive menu. Your taste buds will travel the world at this bright and inviting multi-cuisine restaurant with its eclectic Indian and another international menu.

The Continental, Chinese, Pakistani, Oriental and Arabic culinary delicacies at the UPAHAR are a foodie’s delight, but the leading specialty at this restaurant is the ethnic cuisine with a slew of fragrant spices lending the cuisine its very own flavor. We provide our guests with fresh food & organic vegetables, giving our guests a memorable experience.

Gulf Horizon Hotel

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